Horue Xtreme Lightwind Front Wing

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Developed from the wing lightwind drawn by three engineers, it gather their mains advantages but with a larger area.

The progressive profile retained on this model allows the wing to adapt to the Reynolds number encountered throughout the span of the wing. The result is an increased aerodynamic finesse, which provides more powerful lift that will allow heavier riders flying before 8 knots. For this model with an impressive wingspan, we especially worked on the flex in order to "pump" on the wing for even faster planing. The wing is ideal for 8 knots wind with heavy rider in windfoil. This wing is designed in CAD with a special hydrofoil profile, it is proudly  made in France, 100% carbon in a CNC machined mold.

  • 100% carbon - flex locked
  • elliptical lift distribution - minimization of induced drag
  • forwarded thrust centre- early planing
  • high Cz template  - powerful lift
  • CNC molded
  • take off in 8 kts wind
  • windfoil use only in 6-15kts

Set including :

- 1 front wing 100% carbon Xtremlightwind (for Horue GP - Vini - Tae)

Warning, mast and stabilizer not included