Horue Tiny w/Straps and Fin

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The Horue Tiny 200 was developed for light wind to very strong and provides amazing and outstanding flight experience. True pocket-board with its 200cm length, the world's shortest windsurf board on the market , allowing short turns and real fun.

With its deep double concave for a early planing and its carbon construction (board built in Europe), the board is very light (6.65kg with 4 straps for the 95L) and has specific reinforcements for windfoil intensive use.

  • Windfoil and classical windsurfing use
  • Full Carbon made - Made in EU
  • Deep double convave on the hull - Early planing
  • Deep Tuttle Box  reinforced
  • Dimensions available :
  1. 85L - 191x69cm - Deep tuttle reinforced (5.9 kg) - Fin Select Edge freeslam  37cm
  2. 95L - 200x73cm - Deep tuttle reinforced (6.07 kg) - Fin Select Edge freeslam 39cm
  3. 110L - 210x75.8cm - Deep tuttle reinforced (6.62 kg) - Fin Select S1 Superfast XL 41cm
  4. 120L - 215x77.5cm - Deep tuttle reinforced (6.9 kg) - Fin Select S1 Superfast XL 43cm

Set including:

- 1 carbon board Horue Tiny (please select the volume) made in Europe

- 4 comfort straps Horue made in Europe

- 1 hex key for mounting the vent screw and straps

- 1 fin Select Slam