Ezzy Lion 3 2017

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Ezzy Lion 3 2016

Quick to rig, the Lion3 is one of our favorite sails because it makes going fast no-hassle. After much testing, for 2016, David made the Lion3:

  • Lighter The Lion3 weighs less than the Lion2 because of a new, lightweight scrim, making the sail easier to handle.
  • Faster Progressive batten spacing (closer towards the top of the sail) produces a smoother twist.
  • More controllable in strong winds The profile above the boom is flatter to give the Lion3 more control when the wind picks up.

The Lion3 is a race sail stripped of everything that makes race sails difficult. The luff sleeve is narrow and easier to waterstart or uphaul than a wide sleeve that fills up with water. Like the Lion2, the new Lion3 rigs on all RDM and SDM masts. And, like all Ezzy Sails, the Lion3 is built to last.