Goya One Freewave Pro 2017

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One Pro Freewave Thruster

By adding another two small new sizes the One line has now grown into a mature portfolio of its own.

Fast rockers and narrow tails provide you with way more time in the air. On the wave or in flat water, speed is what excites us, so our first and foremost focus throughout the development of the new One has been to leave the water behind for as long as possible. Applying a narrower, more parallel tail outline and sharper rails, balances velocity with control. These new shapes come in both the existing sizes as well as all new 64 and 74 liter volumes.

Transitions from concave to double concave to vee off the tail, make the One feel at home in any wind and wave direction. The One matches best with the Banzai Powerwave, Fringe Surfwave and Guru Controlwave.

Available in 64, 74, 78, 85, 95, 105, 115 liters.

Pro Carbon

EPS core. Deck specifications featuring FDS™ Full Deck Sandwich and FRS™ Full Rail Sandwich in single thickness for immaculate flex, pristine longevity and ultra light weight, DSS™ Double Sandwich Stance and 0.6mm wood reinforcements for ultimate rigidity around the foot straps. Inside deck lamination featuring UCM™ Unidirectional Carbon Monocoque connecting the mast-track to the stance area, BCM™ Biaxial Carbon Monocoque covering the entire stance area around the foot straps for supreme heel impact resistance, S-Glass rail bands. Outside deck lamination featuring BGM™ Biaxial Glass Monocoque covering the rear two thirds of the deck, full S-Glass deck.

Bottom specifications featuring FBS™ Full Bottom Sandwich in double thickness for ultimate strength. Inside bottom lamination featuring S-Glass rail bands. Outside bottom lamination featuring extra strong fin area reinforcements for jumping and full S-Glass bottom. Nose reinforced by 7 layers. Tail reinforced by 8 layers. This advanced performance construction combines ultra light weight, a super crisp feel and excellent durability. Featured on Custom, One, Air.